The Looney Tunes Show Merrie Melodies - Be Polite01:45

The Looney Tunes Show Merrie Melodies - Be Polite

Lyrics Edit

Tosh: Oh, Mac!

Mac: Yes, chum?

Tosh: Could you please pass me the cream? For my cup of tea?

Mac: I would be delighted!

Tosh: Well, thank you!

Mac: Not at all, thank you for your thank you!

Tosh:Oh, well you're welcome for my thank you.

Mac: Well, thank you again!

Both: {laughter}

Be Polite, always be nice.

Make sugar your favorite spice.

Mac/Tosh: My aunty sent me a birthday card. I was so completely charmed. I ceased the chance I could not pass it. I sent her a muffin basket! I was at the bank today. The teller sent a smile my way. She did it with such great panache. I gave the teller all my cash!

Be Polite, always be nice. Make sugar your favorite spice. When helping Granny cross the street. Take the time to massage her feet

Marvin: Be, B-E P-O-L-I-T-E! Be, B-E P-O-L-I-T-E! Say "please" and "thank you." When you hear a sneeze say "bless you." Open doors and pull out chairs. Don't push people down the stairs.

Mac/Tosh: We were dining Thursday night. The waiter set our plates just right. We were so very impressed, we knitted him a sweater-vest! When our car ran out of gas The tow truck guy got there fast. He filled our tank with no delay. We were so impressed we took him to a Broadway play!

All: Be Polite, always be nice. Make sugar your favorite spice! If someone shoots you with their laser beam, just remember that it would be rude to scream.

Marvin: (Talking)  Be Polite, or I'll vaporize you.


  • This is the first Merrie Melody to have a moral lesson (no matter how exaggerated) it is.
  • This Merrie Melody shows Marvin in a more antagonistic light. But this time, he's only antagonistic to those who aren't being polite.
  • This is the first time Mac and Tosh sing a Merrie Melody.

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